Who Am I?

When you find you who you are then you will also know who I am.

Where do I Live?

The body  can be seen moving about in Puttaparthi.  The little i lives a tiny bit in the past, a bit more in the future and not enough in the Present.  You know exactly where the Big I lives. Yes, inside.  Like me, you need to do more to – Know – Expereince – and Express it.

What do I do?

Wear the costumes  and say the lines required for the part I enrolled in the Grand Play called Life!

Favourite external activity

Watching and learning from the Director.  Watching Him play his part to perfection.

My Network and contacts

I try to do as little networking as is possible.  While almost everybody is trying to grow theirs I am am trying to down size mine. A network of 2 is one too many.


Aaaaaah to many to list.  However, the most important one that affects this blog is poor spelling. I cant’ spel to safe my wife strife live.  The good news is – have decided not to waste another life learning to spill spell.

Highest achievement

Cried for the right reasons.

Worst Acheivement

Have not cried enough. The great saints and sages got it right. Hoping to finish the apprentice period soon. There it appears again – thinking about the future. (Did you cry or get upset because you did not see God standing in front of you and talking to you?)

Name by which this Vehicle of the Spirit is known

Donavan McDonough


8 Responses to About

  1. shan reddy says:

    ASR Don,

    Wonderful, Don that you bring the truth out about this document.

    I received this in 2007 Shivarathi while we were in Swami’s Divine presence. It made no sense and mis guided us.

    Thank you.

    Interested in getting Isaac’s talk in Singapore – 2006 and his latest in 2009.

    Shan Reddy
    cu in december 2009

  2. Candice Kerr says:

    Sai Ram Donavan,

    Would you kindly give me the name and contact details of the author of the updated Sai Dictum. I would be most grateful. Thank you.

    Warm regards

    Candice Kerr

  3. Shan Reddy says:

    ASR Don,

    Yes, I must agree with you and in hindsight, the author does seem to be a person of integerity and has taken this self appointed assignment very seriously.
    When he returned to London, we were on e-mail contact and have subsequently received the up-dated dictum via post.
    I must also agree with the author that this human race (my brothers and sisters including myself) have become more selfish and continue to seek everything other than what Swami has come to give us.
    As Swami mentions recently very few come seeking my attention.

    Many thanks…Shan Reddy
    Also from the Divine Lotus Feet…SA

  4. Vidyadayini says:

    ASR Don,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us. I always knew that Satya Sai Baba is an enlightened soul and his word can never be wrong.

  5. Hary says:

    hello, can you please comment on the Dallas December 2009 video by Sir Isaac Tigrett?

  6. Ted Henry says:

    There are many people who are seeking this information but don’t know how to find it, nor might they know how even to frame the questions they don’t know yet to ask.

    May I have your permission to post your writings more broadly? Friend and foe alike can only profit from what they might find here.

    Much love and Sai Ram,

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