A Big lesson I learned from the ‘Updated Sai Dictum’ Author

July 6, 2009

One afternoon I was sitting with the author of the updated Sai Dictum document. We were sitting near the Darshan Bell. The author would always sit so that he could see Swami when Swami sat for the Bhajan session in the Inner Mandir.

Swami had gone into the Inner Mandir early that afternoon. It was about half an hour before bhajans were scheduled to begin. Swami was sitting talking to the students whose turn it was to sing bhajans that afternoon.  We had a clear view of Swami as he sat there in the door way, just inside this most holy physical Inner Sanctum.

The Author pointed to Swami and asked me, “Who is that for you? How do you see him?”

My answer was quick and simple, “For me that is Brahman”.

He then said, “People see him as Shiva, Krishna or Rama. People came here seeing him as some form of Divinity and seek trinkets, useless trash and boons from him. A few came seeking liberation.”

After a long pause he went on talking, “I don’t see him as any of these things and do not want anything thing from him.”

I then asked him how he sees Swami. To this replied, “I see him as the Creator. We (the human race) are destroying creation. We are destroying the Creator’s creation. He has come down to earth to save creation from our petty greed, hate and selfishness. If he did not come we would destroy the earth and all the creatures living on it. God has come to protect his creation”.

“How can I ask for liberation when I see people destroying his creation everywhere I look? How can I ask for petty things?” he asked.

“He has given so much but people are not satisfied. They want more. They just keep on taking and raping the earth for more and more.” Listening to these words I sat in stunned silence.

What he was saying was very, very true.

Here we all were – thousands of us – sitting for darshan – wanting a better job, a son, more money, a bride or groom for our son or daughter from the Creator. We never cess with our letters, prayers and partitions. We come to Puttaparthi with our desire lists to deliver to Bhagavan.

Requests, requests, an never ending stream of requests.

I thought, “Who else besides this man is here to say to Swami, ’Swami, how can I help you to protect your creation?’ I knew I had never though along these lines before.” (I’ve met a few people that have come to the Divine Lotus Feet out of pure Love for the Supreme. They come without attachment to creation.) 

He was greatly pained that Swami was taking on so much of the karma of erring humanity and burning it off using his own body. He felt very strongly that we (humanity) are not worth it. We had caused the Creator’s creation to suffer, and now the Creator was suffering as a result of our harm to nature. Our unbridled  greed.

He would fight with Swami every day. He was beseeching Swami to heal himself. “Swami, they don’t care for you. They only care for their own petty selfish desires. They even want liberation only for themselves. They do not care what you are experiencing and bearing with your physical frame.”

This profound compassion and love for the Lord was a real eye opener for me.

I knew that the author was very serious about these convictions. He was a man of high principles and decisive action.

His family lived in the Punjab region of India. During the Partitioning some of his father’s brothers decided to stay and some decided to flee. His father took his family, with only the cloths on their backs, and boarded the first train out of the region into India.

They survived. Those that remained lost their lives in the violence.

This left a deep impression on the dictum author. So much so, that when China invaded India in 1962 he enlisted to protect his country. To offer his life so that others may be spared and kept safe. He did no want to see a repeat of the partition mayhem.

His uncle, an officer in the army, came to him and said that he could get him into the regiment for Rs 3000 instead of the normal Rs 5000. He would pull some strings.  The author clarified with the his uncle that he must bride the army with Rs3000 so that he can fight to protect his family, his country. “Yes,” was his uncles reply. His father said that it is the way things worked in India. And if he did not want to pay the money that he would pay it on his behalf.

The author was disgusted. He told them that if he must pay bribe money to defend his country that he will leave the country and never return. If he must pay bribe money to die defending his family and country he would turn his back on India.

His father and uncle thought he was joking. They did not take him seriously.

The dictum author made sure that he did his very best in the physical fitness tests. As a result of this he scored the highest marks in many of the tests. He made sure that they could not turn him down. 

He passed his medical and fitness tests with flying colours.

However, when he refused to pay the bride money they failed him saying that he was psychological unfit to be in the army. His father wanted to pay the bribe. He refused to join.

That night he packed a suitcase and left in the early hours of the following morning for the UK. He arrived in the UK with £3.50 in his pocket. He again endured many difficult years to establish himself in England. This was the second time in his life that he had to start from scratch.

True to his word he refused all requests from the family to return to India.

In the UK he learned about Swami. His love for Swami grew.

As it grew he felt a deep need to see Swami.  He had to return to India to get Swami’s physical Darshan. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “If it were not for Swami I would never have set foot in India again.”

Dear readers, here is a man this has high principles and strong convictions. A man of decisive action.  A man that has very deep and sincere Love for the God as the Creator. A man that cares for God more than me and most of you reading this.

He deserves our respect.

He got caught up with his pendulum and answer sheet. He has the identical same lesson to learn as Isaac Tigrett and Phyllis Krystal in this life. More about that in the next blog posting.


Thanks to all the readers who have posted comments to the blog. Welcome to all of you. In fact welcome to all readers of this blog.   Shan, who posted a comment in the  “About” section, got to knew the man and spent a fair bit of time with him in the ashram, at dinner, etc. Shan maybe you would like to let us know your impressions of him in your next comment.

Candice, who also posted a comment under the “About” section requested the name and contact details of the author. Candice, after next weeks blog posting I will see how the universal inner guidance prompts on the issue. I’ll contact you directly on the outcome of that guidance.

To my mate from down under, thanks for your input and feedback on the dictum issue and the lessons your learnt in the online world regarding Sai.

Next week we will explore together a bit about the man behind the urban legend (Isaac Tigrett), a bit about the life of Phyllis Krystal and of course the author of the updated Sai Dictum.

Sai Ram and LOVE and LIGHT from the Divine Lotus Feet.