A Big lesson I learned from the ‘Updated Sai Dictum’ Author

July 6, 2009

One afternoon I was sitting with the author of the updated Sai Dictum document. We were sitting near the Darshan Bell. The author would always sit so that he could see Swami when Swami sat for the Bhajan session in the Inner Mandir.

Swami had gone into the Inner Mandir early that afternoon. It was about half an hour before bhajans were scheduled to begin. Swami was sitting talking to the students whose turn it was to sing bhajans that afternoon.  We had a clear view of Swami as he sat there in the door way, just inside this most holy physical Inner Sanctum.

The Author pointed to Swami and asked me, “Who is that for you? How do you see him?”

My answer was quick and simple, “For me that is Brahman”.

He then said, “People see him as Shiva, Krishna or Rama. People came here seeing him as some form of Divinity and seek trinkets, useless trash and boons from him. A few came seeking liberation.”

After a long pause he went on talking, “I don’t see him as any of these things and do not want anything thing from him.”

I then asked him how he sees Swami. To this replied, “I see him as the Creator. We (the human race) are destroying creation. We are destroying the Creator’s creation. He has come down to earth to save creation from our petty greed, hate and selfishness. If he did not come we would destroy the earth and all the creatures living on it. God has come to protect his creation”.

“How can I ask for liberation when I see people destroying his creation everywhere I look? How can I ask for petty things?” he asked.

“He has given so much but people are not satisfied. They want more. They just keep on taking and raping the earth for more and more.” Listening to these words I sat in stunned silence.

What he was saying was very, very true.

Here we all were – thousands of us – sitting for darshan – wanting a better job, a son, more money, a bride or groom for our son or daughter from the Creator. We never cess with our letters, prayers and partitions. We come to Puttaparthi with our desire lists to deliver to Bhagavan.

Requests, requests, an never ending stream of requests.

I thought, “Who else besides this man is here to say to Swami, ’Swami, how can I help you to protect your creation?’ I knew I had never though along these lines before.” (I’ve met a few people that have come to the Divine Lotus Feet out of pure Love for the Supreme. They come without attachment to creation.) 

He was greatly pained that Swami was taking on so much of the karma of erring humanity and burning it off using his own body. He felt very strongly that we (humanity) are not worth it. We had caused the Creator’s creation to suffer, and now the Creator was suffering as a result of our harm to nature. Our unbridled  greed.

He would fight with Swami every day. He was beseeching Swami to heal himself. “Swami, they don’t care for you. They only care for their own petty selfish desires. They even want liberation only for themselves. They do not care what you are experiencing and bearing with your physical frame.”

This profound compassion and love for the Lord was a real eye opener for me.

I knew that the author was very serious about these convictions. He was a man of high principles and decisive action.

His family lived in the Punjab region of India. During the Partitioning some of his father’s brothers decided to stay and some decided to flee. His father took his family, with only the cloths on their backs, and boarded the first train out of the region into India.

They survived. Those that remained lost their lives in the violence.

This left a deep impression on the dictum author. So much so, that when China invaded India in 1962 he enlisted to protect his country. To offer his life so that others may be spared and kept safe. He did no want to see a repeat of the partition mayhem.

His uncle, an officer in the army, came to him and said that he could get him into the regiment for Rs 3000 instead of the normal Rs 5000. He would pull some strings.  The author clarified with the his uncle that he must bride the army with Rs3000 so that he can fight to protect his family, his country. “Yes,” was his uncles reply. His father said that it is the way things worked in India. And if he did not want to pay the money that he would pay it on his behalf.

The author was disgusted. He told them that if he must pay bribe money to defend his country that he will leave the country and never return. If he must pay bribe money to die defending his family and country he would turn his back on India.

His father and uncle thought he was joking. They did not take him seriously.

The dictum author made sure that he did his very best in the physical fitness tests. As a result of this he scored the highest marks in many of the tests. He made sure that they could not turn him down. 

He passed his medical and fitness tests with flying colours.

However, when he refused to pay the bride money they failed him saying that he was psychological unfit to be in the army. His father wanted to pay the bribe. He refused to join.

That night he packed a suitcase and left in the early hours of the following morning for the UK. He arrived in the UK with £3.50 in his pocket. He again endured many difficult years to establish himself in England. This was the second time in his life that he had to start from scratch.

True to his word he refused all requests from the family to return to India.

In the UK he learned about Swami. His love for Swami grew.

As it grew he felt a deep need to see Swami.  He had to return to India to get Swami’s physical Darshan. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “If it were not for Swami I would never have set foot in India again.”

Dear readers, here is a man this has high principles and strong convictions. A man of decisive action.  A man that has very deep and sincere Love for the God as the Creator. A man that cares for God more than me and most of you reading this.

He deserves our respect.

He got caught up with his pendulum and answer sheet. He has the identical same lesson to learn as Isaac Tigrett and Phyllis Krystal in this life. More about that in the next blog posting.


Thanks to all the readers who have posted comments to the blog. Welcome to all of you. In fact welcome to all readers of this blog.   Shan, who posted a comment in the  “About” section, got to knew the man and spent a fair bit of time with him in the ashram, at dinner, etc. Shan maybe you would like to let us know your impressions of him in your next comment.

Candice, who also posted a comment under the “About” section requested the name and contact details of the author. Candice, after next weeks blog posting I will see how the universal inner guidance prompts on the issue. I’ll contact you directly on the outcome of that guidance.

To my mate from down under, thanks for your input and feedback on the dictum issue and the lessons your learnt in the online world regarding Sai.

Next week we will explore together a bit about the man behind the urban legend (Isaac Tigrett), a bit about the life of Phyllis Krystal and of course the author of the updated Sai Dictum.

Sai Ram and LOVE and LIGHT from the Divine Lotus Feet.



June 27, 2009


The so called “Updated Sai Dictum” of doom gloom that is circulating in cyberspace at hyperspeed reminds me of the story of Prophet Mohammed – peace be upon him – and one of his followers.

One day a man asked Mohammed, “Is gossiping a sin? Is it a bad thing?”. In his mind he did not see the need to stop this habit of speaking about others. Mohammed in his wisdom decided to show him the hidden power behind gossiping and talking ill of others.

He asked the man to go and fetch a sack of feathers. The man soon returned with a sack full of feathers. Mohammed asked him to go and place a hand full of feathers at the front door of each house in the small town. When he had finished doing this task he come back to Mohamed. The Prophet asked him to return the same time the following day.

As arranged he met Mohammed the next day. Mohammed said to him, “Go and collect all the feathers and put them back in the sack”. The man thought Mohammed had gone crazy. In frustration the man said, It is totally impossible to collect the feathers”. “Why?” asked Mohammed.

The man said, “All the feathers have blown away. They are scattered far and wide across the countryside by the winds of yesterday and today. It will only be possible to find maybe a handful of feathers only.”

Mohammed revealed that in the same fashion when you speak ill of others or falsely spread rumours or bad stories it is likewise impossible to undo the damage caused.

Like this – once spoken your words are scattered like the winds blowing in all directions nothing that you can say or do afterwards can undo the damage caused. It is not for nothing that Swami teaches us to speak softly and sweetly, and also, only when necessary.

The Updated Dictum’s false words do not belong to the most exquisite and complete expression of love and compassion the world has ever seen. These words falsely attributed to Sai Baba are travelling at hyper-speed across the internet causing great alarm, uncertainty, fear and doubt.

The prevailing climate of global warming and international financial meltdown seem to add real credence to this false document prophesying serve global doom and gloom.

Here are the cold clear clinical facts that show this document for what it actually is. Pure illusion. The complete fantasy of one man’s mind. The facts are given to you – FIRST HAND. All the evidence is being made available so you can scrutinise the supporting documents as you weigh the facts. Much of the evidence presented is an actual first hand eyewitness account.

It is important to understand that this document has been written to give YOU clarity on this issue. To give YOU and peace of mind. It has not been written to defend the name of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The Supreme does not require anybody to defend Him. Sathya means truth. The truth that is the same in the past, the present and the future, and that is what He is. TRUTH is its own support. There is nothing that we can do to add to or subtract from it.

Your peace of mind, on the other hand, is a constantly changing experience until you finally abide in that eternal TRUTH and LOVE that is full, unchanging. The final, ultimate experience.

The easiest way to understand this Dictum debacle is to follow its historic unfoldment.


Sai Dictum Graphic - 001


The Original and Updated Sai Dictum Stream

When The Facts Fiction


In 1971 at Ooty, Swami spoke to some students about their futures. He indicated the roles they would play in the Sai Mission in the years to come.

Exhibit 1 and 2 clearly show at the bottom of the page that this was told to the boys at Bangalore.

You can see this on both the original and the updated Dictum documents.

(A suggestion: To view the Evidence. Open up a 2nd copy of this blog posting in your browser. Set the 2nd copy to the start of the Evidence Section. This way you can switch between the two rather than scrolling up and down. This is a very long blog posting. Ed.)


Pamphlets start circulating in some overseas countries and India attributing predictions made by Sai Baba. The reports detailed an array of predicted disasters facing the world in years ahead.

Exhibit 3 – Message of Bhagavan Baba repudiating certain reports circulated in various countries attributing to Him predictions of various disasters facing the world in the following years.

This public repudiation was given in front of thousands on the morning of 13-2-1991 in the Poornachandra Auditorium.

1990 -1999

The predictions proved false.

a). There were no explosions in the English Channel. b). 70% of the earths population has not been destroyed c). 70% of America’s land and people have not submerged under water. South Africa has not disappeared forever, etc.

The Dictum’s predictions prove to be pure fantasy. Utter fiction.


For circa 18 years copies of the original false Dictum continued to hang around.

Fiction continues to be scattered like feathers in the wind. (And filed away).

Feb, 2008

In the Sai Kulwant Hall, after darshan, the uncle of an acquaintance gave me an updated copy of the Dictum document.

He claims that Baba has given him the task of updating the Dictums.

He also claims that Baba will give him the signal when the updated Dictum must be made public.

1). Having studied the writing of the modern prophets – namely, Edgar Cayce, June Dixon, Nostradamus, Siener van Rensberg and others, I was well aware that all their predictions form 1993 and beyond had failed to materialise.

Swami out of profound love and compassion has taken on much of the karma of the planet to save us from many disasters created by our lack of love, ego and greed.

2). One day in the last week of December 2000 I saw an amazing super powerful demonstration of Swami taking on a 30% ‘slice’ of about 15,000 peoples karma. In the morning Swami ran round like a youth in his late teens. In the evening it required 2 people to help him up a few tiny steps. He was more frail that evening than I have ever seen him since then. He required help to walk, to sit, to stand and come down the stairs. The next day he was back to normal.

A few people who have had the incidents of the day pointed out to them concur with the physical evidence mentioned above. They have been, shocked, awed and inspired when they discovered the background to this event.

It came as a revelation to find out about the workings of this very subtle divine incident.

Feb, 2008

Upon reading it I find that this Dictum document had a number of gross contradictions.

Exhibit 4 Point 9 says that that South Africa will disappear for ever during Oct 2010.

Point 15 says, “… survival percentage of the land 100% …”

Feb, 2008

The next day I ask him to read point 9 and 15. He reads them and asks, “What’s your point?”

I point out the contradiction. He says “Oh, I will have to ask Baba about this.”

One thing that I know about Baba is that he NEVER makes mistakes. On top of that he never ever talks about negative issues.

He always finds, the good, the pure, the Godly to speak about.

Feb, 2008

The next day the man hands over an updated copy of the Dictum. He says he asked Baba about the error. Baba told him the correct figures are – land 75% and population 35%.

Exhibit 5

You can see the hand corrections on the new updated document in his own handwriting.

Mar, 2008

The man gives me a copy of a map showing how the world will look like after the predicted destruction has taken place.

He claims it is a copy of the map that was once displayed in the Chaitana Jyothi Museum at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Exhibit 6 – Sai Baba’s Map of the World Early in the 21st Century”

I checked the map out against the maps drawn by George Michael Scallion, (Exhibit 7) a well known earth changes commentator and futurist. Other predictive maps were also reviewed.


The curator of Swami’s 3 museums was approached – the Spiritual Heritage Museum on the Hill, the Chaitana Jyothi Museum and Swami’s private museum on the 1st floor of the University Administration building up on the hill.

After looking at Exhibit 6 the curator said that this is the first time he has ever seen the map.

Some people in Puttaparthi will tell you they have also seen copy of the map and that they know for a reliable source it is genuine.


Mar,  2008

I had supper with this elderly Panjabi man a number of times at the North Indian Canteen. I also visited his flat down Chitravathi Road a number of times.

I sat near him at darshan for a few weeks.

At all our meetings he would always ways say, “Baba said …..” or “Baba told me …..”

I set out to investigate the exact way his was getting his information from Baba.

1. Baba was never physically seen talking to him at darshan.

2. Baba never take a letter from him. He always sat close to the big bell that they ring at the end of darshan i.e. some 100 – 150 feet away.

3. At his flat, in an relaxed, intimate and interruption free setting, I asked him about the best dream he every had of Swami. I asked how often he dreamed of Baba, and, when he had his most recent dream of Baba. Having had no recent dreams ruled out the possibility of Swami giving him the updates this way.

4. Next I asked him if someone on the veranda was playing go-between for him or someone else with daily physical contact with Swami. No one was assisting him in this way.

5. I asked him if Swami appeared to him physically at home or elsewhere. Again no!

6. Next I inquired if Swami appeared in his meditations. Again no!

7. When asked he, said that he did not hear the voice of Swami in his mind.

Mar, 2008

As the investigation had failed to find a way for the communication to take place I asked him directly how he was getting Baba’s communications.

He said that Baba had given him a system to communicate with him.

Mar, 2008

I asked him to see the system.

He promised to show me.

Mar, 2008

After morning darshan, on the 29th of March 2008, we visited his flat for him to show me how the systems worked.

In darshan he gave me an update that Baba had given him the night before. Exhibit 8 – India, Surviving States – Land, Disappearing States, dated 28-3-2008.

Mar, 2008

The system revealed.

He showed me his pendulum and a chart that had “yes – “no”, “0 -10%, “10 – 20%” etc., the the 12 months of the year and a list of years on it.

So this was how the future of the world and the fate of 6.5 billion people was being decided!!

Mar, 2008

We discussed some of the figures in Exhibit 8. They did no look or feel right. Some defied normal common sense and logic.

A good example is Nepal. Circa 90% of the landmass is 1,500 to 6,000+ metres above see level.

He stated that 50% of the land mass will be under water.

I told him that this figure of 50% looks wrong.

He confirmed his figures in the Updated Sai Dictum where 100% reliable.

He used the pendulum to show me. He asked, "Are the figures 100% correct?" Answer – YES.

The melting polar caps could not raise the oceans 2,000 metres or more. If it did, over 90% of India would be under water – thus proving the figures on the latest updated pages were totally ridiculous and and utterly impossible.

Mar, 2008

I asked him how he could be totally certain that it was Baba giving answers.

I explained how both internal and external influences can impact working in this way.

I told him the story of how as an 18 year boy I went to a psychic medium meeting and how I created messages by way of thought forms for all present in the room. Even one for me.

If I could do this imagine what someone that was not an immature school boy could do.

He said he used a picture of Swami, lit a candle did some prayers.

He said that Swami was so powerful that nothing in the world come and influence him.

(How often we forget Swami’s own words, “God can do anything and everything. He can transform earth into sky and sky into earth.”

He goes on to tell us He cannot change our hearts. We have to make the effort. He will then help in our efforts to transform ourselves. This is why it is called SELF-Realisation)

Mar, 2008

It was clear that logic and discrimination were not present. He placed utter blind faith and belief in the chart, the pendulum and the answers given.

He was taking this as the very Truth of God.

It was clear he needed some time to adjust to the anomalies. (As he did with points 9 and 15; except this was of a much bigger magnitude.)

Simple common sense and logic were totally absent.

Mar & Apr 2008

We meet a few more times. Each time I tried to point out in different ways that the Dictum reflected untruth.

Reminding him of rock solid facts, like the curator had never seen the so called “Sai Baba Map”, just seemed to go over his head. (ref Exhibit 6)

Apr, 2008

At the end of his 6 month stay in Puttaparthi he returned to the UK. He promised to take a deeper look into the work he was doing.

He promised to consider my warnings and he also agreed to stop circulating the document.

Upon leaving he told me Baba had said that he must approach a man in England to setup a Sai bank as the world banking system would collapse. The new Sai world bank would be run from the ashram. The fantasy was continuing.

Late 2008

One day at darshan I saw my friend had returned.

He told me with great joy that he had thought about what I said and going to approach Baba’s physical form to get confirmation.

To this end Swami had agreed to a private interview, inside Swami’s  house, the following day at 10 am after bhajans.

He went for his fantasy interview at 10am the next day.

The security at Swami’s residence knew nothing about this interview.

Swami had given absolutely no instructions to anyone about is private interview taking place.

That evening

He told me “his” bad news. The pendulum had proved wrong.

He went home to double check with his pendulum that night after darshan and our review of the situation.

The next day

At darshan the following morning he told me that the interview was very definitely on that morning at 11 am.

He gave me “more” bad news that evening. Not only did the pendulum prove wrong but the dark forces were playing with him as a cat does with a mouse.

A few days later

The next time we meet he agrees that this Updated Dictum story is all bogus document. A pack of lies.

We differ on the reason why it is bogus.

Early 2009

Talk of the Sai Dictum prophecies surface again in the global community.

While our brother from Middlesex in the UK had stopped his private circulation of the Dictum document it it was spreading from one inbox to another.

A number of devotee ask me in the ashram if I know anything about it.

They are advised to ignore it.

Mar, 2009

I discover someone that has full and intimate knowledge of what Baba told the students at Ooty.

(I made a mental note to see this person in the near future.)

Mar, 2009

A copy of the Updated Dictum hits my Inbox. A friend has forwarded it on to me and asks if I know if it is true or not.

The falsehood has gone global for the 2nd time. This time at hyper-cyber-speed.

Apr, 2009

I visit the person who is familiar with the 1971 Ooty interview.

He confirms that highly imaginative contents of the original and updated Dictum documents were never uttered by Swami.

While I knew this to be case. However, I had to go through this step for the sake of truth and thoroughness.

This step is a necessary part of make sure no doubts can remain on this issue.


The Dallas Stream – The talk by Mr Isaac Tigrett in Feb 2009

Mr Issac Tigrett was given permission by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to talk in Dallas, Texas in February of this year. In his talk on Love, the great need for Positivity and how vital it is to travel the inner journey to find God within, he also mentioned the kinds of things that await for us in the future.

As is always the situation. Some see the glass as half full while others see it as half empty. The negatively focused people picked up on the negative aspects discussed by Isaac. The positive people picked up on the love, light and positivity Isaac shared with “all”.

The Updated Sai Dictum stream and the Dallas stream both collided in February of this year. The two common factors in both streams are the name of Sathya Sai Baba and the prophecies of doom and gloom.

Many people are not aware that these are two entirely different streams.

Apr 6, 2009 I had a meeting with Mr Isaac Tigrett in the ashram to get his input on the issues causing the Sai prediction debacle.

I briefed Isaac about the Updated Dictum Stream which he was not aware of.

Isaac informed me that to remove all speculation, opinion and rumours regarding what he actually said in Dallas Swami has instructed put the discourse into the public domain.

He then went on to say that the material is currently being edited at the moment for release in the near future.

When the recording of the Dallas talk is released you will be informed via this blog site.

Stay tuned.


By now the world is starting to wake up to the fact that global warming is a VERY serious threat. If we switch off all electronic and electrical equipment, never start a car engine again and go back to using candles etc. many of the worlds largest cities will be under water before we reach the 22nd century.

Al Gore in his film “An Inconvenient Truth” shows how even scientific advisors to government and government officials have said that global warming is fake, is a big fat hoax.

Apr 8,


John Holdren, the new appointed scientific advisor to President Obama and the White House stated the following in his first public interview – The Associated Press (AP).

Twice in the AP half-hour long interview, Holdren compared global warming to being "in a car with bad brakes driving toward a cliff in the fog."

He and many experts believe that warming of a few degrees more would lead to disastrous drought conditions and food shortages in some regions, rising seas and more powerful coastal storms in others.

The Holdren news link

Finally, an American president and administration that does not believe in pushing an agenda of fairy tales.

Here is a case in point. The previous administration produced a scientific document that proved that the super gas guzzling Hummer SUV vehicle is more sustainable than the very fuel efficient, cutting edge hybrid Toyota Puris.

The new administration officials have reclassified this document. It is now in the science fiction section.


By now the world is starting to wake up to the fact that global warming is a VERY serious threat. If we switch off all the worlds electronic and electrical equipment, never start a car engine again and go back to using candles etc. many of the worlds largest cities will be under water before we reach the 22nd century.

The city hall in Durban, South Africa is 2.1 metres below see level. It stands on land that was claimed from the sea. A small rise in the level of the ocean and the Durban central business district will be under water. This is not a prediction it is a fact. The temperatures are raising. The ice caps are melting, the sea is rising. The storms are becoming more violent.

This is why the American president is pushing so hard on green technology. He is acting wisely in this area.

See what Swami (Sai Baba) has said about this. Exhibits 9 and 10 will show that this is not a fantasy as many think.

Swami shows us what is the cause (Exhibit 11), how He works behind the scenes and the methodology He has chosen to fix the situation.

He then also shows us what the solution (Exhibit 12) is.

Jun 24,2009 Before releasing this document I had agreed to present it to Isaac for any further input from his side.

He was kind enough to share his thoughts and views on the monster issues that are glaring YOU and the rest of humanity in the face right at this very moment.

He discussed his unbounded joy, happiness and great anticipation of the coming Golden Age that is just over the event horizon.

He was very passionate about how vital it is for each of us to be positive in this difficult and dark time.

He spoke about rumour and fear being the last thing we need at the moment.

He ended of by saying that I can go ahead and release this document.


All the readers of this blog please be aware that Mr Isaac Tigrett and ex Vice President Al Gore have a long and strong past association. Some 20 years ago Al approached Isaac to assist him with his early Global Warming projects and advocacy aspect of Global Warming. Isaac learned of the “Climate Change challenges” through this early association with Al Gore. Isaac funded some of Al work in those early days.

Isaac and Al live in the same town.

Just prior to the release of “The Inconvenient Truth” film and video, Al and Isaac went through all the data together. They spent 4 hours reviewing and discussing  each element presented in the film. Al Keeps Isaac in the loop about his new findings regarding the crises.

In addition to this Swami has Mr Tigrett and Mrs Phyllis Krystal working together doing releasing work on the inner dimensions to help clean up the garbage that has accumulated over thousands of years.

Isaac is not some person playing with a pendulum. He is qualified to speak on this subject. He comes with a track record that is very impressive.

On the odd occasion, I ask Sai gatherings if they know about Swami’s Hamburger Miracle. The answer is always no. This is where Swami turned a hamburger into a hospital. Isaac’s Hard Rock Cafe project in to the world’s first Super Speciality Hospital. This is a beautiful example of how Swami transform what we are doing into what we can become (or more correctly speaking – revert back too).

That is how Swami takes what we offer to Him in love and uses it to transform us and our efforts into a beautiful bouquet that gives off the fragrance and sweetness of Sai.

(Mr Tigrett is one of Swami’s dark horses going at full speed. He is often highly misunderstood. Just as he was criticised when he had the famous hamburger chain, he is again being misunderstood by many now. He is Swami’s Tiger. He walks fearlessly in the dark areas of the jungle where others are afraid to go. Just as his earlier critics said, “Very good, very good” after the Hamburger Miracle, his current critics they will do the same again in the future. Rock on Isaac!)

So, at this stage please go and see “The Inconvenient Truth” again. This time take it very seriously.

How do I know you have NOT taken its message seriously? Simple, you have not done 30 things, 30 changes in your life in the past 6 – 12 months to deal with the core issues that Al Gore discusses in the movie.

More over, what will you do when you have reviewed Exhibits 9, 10 and 11. How earnestly will you apply the solution given in Exhibit 12?

And for how long?

The famous saying goes, “It is no good crying over spilt milk.” It will be no good crying to Swami then. Do not say that you have not been warned. Think sooner, much, much sooner rather than later. Again, do not say that you have not been warned. The life raft is chanting the name of God or dedicating all your actions to God without seeking the results of the actions.


The God Stream


Date Sai Project Description

Super Speciality Hospital Puttaparthi

A 1000 year project of service, love and compassion to aid and help suffering humanity.


Super Speciality Hospital Bangalore

Another “Temple of Healing” totally free of cost. I spent 10 days in this hospital and experienced it from the inside.

Imagine, the doctors thank YOU so that they can earn their living and make God happy with their work.

In this hospital I witnessed 3 trends in the patient profiles, a) the poorest of the poor receiving the best medical care in the world totally free of cost, b) the impossible cases that all others hospitals had rejected, and c), all the totally botched cases, the cases beyond repair being repaired spectacularly by doctors chanting God’s name..


Rayalaseema Water Project

Water provided free of cost to some 700 villages. Sai removing water born disease, drought and disaster.


Chennai Water Project

The British failed, the Indian Government failed, but Sai succeeded in give 9 million people safe drink water will removing the devastating cycle of drought,

Apr 2, 2009

Orissa Housing Project

On the 2nd of April hundreds of poor villagers flocked to Puttaparthi to thank Swami for His Flood Rehabilitation Housing Project.

When too much water threatened peoples lives and washed away their homes – Sai responded.

A team under Bro Srinivas Snr. rushed to the flood plains of Orissa to co-ordinate and proved emergency supplies and start building 1000 new homes for the poorest of the poor.

Swami took great pains to make sure that the floor height was between 3 and 5 foot above the ground and that the front doors pointed away form the path of any future flood waters.


Muddana Halli University Campus

This year Swami has embarked on a new project of love and compassion for those in distress.

A new university campus that will enrol and start teaching its first intake in less than 5 months. FIVE MONTHS!

While the chairman of GE India was building his company’s new complex in EPIP, Whitefield, he watched the Bangalore Super Speciality Hospital go from an open plot to a fully functioning hospital in no time at all. He could not believe that he, with the money, resources and know-how of one of the world’s giant companies had their own building project move at a fraction of the speed.

Again Divine Love and Compassion in action.

Unlike us that predict and talk about problems, Sai solves and dissolves impossible problems.

He shows us how!


In the bible is states in Mathew 7:6 and &:20 that by their fruits you will know them. These are a few of the high profile fruits of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. These are of lesser importance. The truly important fruits are the results you get when you apply His teachings in your life and see the transformation. This is where the action is. This is what it is all about.


  1. All the so called Sai Dictums of predictions are totally false.
  2. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has never said any of this things.
  3. Sai Baba is total love and compassion. He is attenuating the negative influences we have created as the human race by acting inhuman ways.
  4. By truly learning to understand the nature, teachings and physical track record of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba we can be in a position to better judge claims made about him. 
  5. The use of Pendulums should be used for trivial things like choosing which colour socks to wear.
  6. The so called Sai Dictums are actually “untrue”. They do not represent the TRUTH.
  7. Please be clear on this point. While the Dictum documents are pure fiction, pure fantasy (without any truth), it does not mean that the facts and effects of global warming are not happening and gathering intensity. Play your part in decreasing your carbon foot print. Eat healthier and start giving up meat. Park your car and do plenty of walking – get some exercise. Start downsizing your life, your desires. In fact – put a ceiling on your desires. Start live in balance with nature. Simple living and high thinking. Get more involved in selfless acts of service in the community. Talk less and prayer more.
  8. The core teachings of Swami are: practice the 5 human values – Truth, Right action, Peace, Love and Non-violence. He is very clear about the fact that the practice of these values in your life WILL help you escape from the world, from creation and the problems that are found in the world.
  9. Even more than that, the practice of the 5 human values (and their associated sub values) will unite you with God and remove the power of duality from your life.






God’s Name


Look after Dharma and Dharma will look after you

Chanting God’s  name will carry you across the ocean of pain, suffering and misery (samsara)

Love All, Serve All

There is no greater debtor than Love!




Choose any 1 of these three. Each has total power to rescue you.




The evidence takes the form of either Swami’s direct words (giving the exact sources – down to the books and page numbers – for  verification) or image scans from some of the documents handed to me by the person who did the updating. The source documents used for the image scans are in my possession.



If you have any trouble seeing any of the graphics please try clicking on the seeming broken graphic (link) and the picture opens up in another browser tab / window



Sai Dictum - Bangalore - Original

The end of the original Sai Dictum document that was used as the starting point for the “new” update shows that Swami supposedly spoke to the students in Bangalore. The Fact is that Swami spoke to the boys in Ooty.


Sai Dictum - Bangalore - Updated

Again the updated Sai Dictum document shows the same untruth – Bangalore and not Ooty.


4.  No global disaster to be apprehended

Message of Bhagavan Baba repudiating certain reports circulated in various countries

attributing to Him predictions of various disasters facing the world in the following years.

SAI will never do or suggest anything harmful to anyone. Some persons in overseas countries as well as some people within India have been distributing pamphlets in which they have published that Swami has stated that in a short while the world will be deluged by a great flood and that large areas will get submerged and that other disasters will overtake the world and many countries will suffer very much. Such thoughts have never occurred to Swami and will never occur. These are the fancies of some idle minds. Do not give any credence to them. In some of these pamphlets, it is stated that parts of this country will get submerged and that Swami will send 12 students for rescuing people and listing a number of points in the pamphlets. Some devotees appear to have been taken in by these pamphlets which are being distributed by mischievous elements. In no circumstance should devotees believe in such stories. Nor should they give them currency by passing them on by word of mouth. You should not lend your ears to such ridiculous reports. It is a sign of weakness to listen to such stories or discuss them.

No disaster is imminent

No disaster is imminent for the world. Over the vast globe, there may be some mishaps here and there, from time to time. The Iran-Iraq conflict lasted ten years. You should not consider it a major war. Even in India, terrorist activities have been going on in the Punjab. Is it a major struggle? Some disgruntled individuals have been resorting to these methods. Whether it is Bharat or any other country, its security lies in the promoting of right attitudes. Who are our friends and who are our enemies? Our own good thoughts are our friends. Our evil thoughts accompany us like shadows. When our thoughts are purified, our lives will be transformed into ideal ones.

The mind is a bundle of thoughts. Actions ensue from thoughts. From actions flow the fruits thereof. Hence thoughts are the seeds which ultimately yield fruits in the form of good fortune and misfortune. Man is thus the architect of his own life. As thoughts determine actions, it is essential to cultivate good thoughts. Even bad men have been transformed by the influence of good and godly men. Ratnakara is an example of such transformation. Contact with sages turned him into the immortal author of the Ramayana. When the mind is turned towards God the entire life becomes purified. What is needed is control over the senses through devotion and steadfastness.

— / some paragraphs have been cut out / —

See “Exhibit 12” It is the last part of this Shivarathi discourse

Discourse at the end of the Sivarathri bhajans on the morning of 13-2-1991 in the vast

Poornachandra Auditorium.


Sai Dictum - Point 9

Points 9 shows that South Africa will disappear forever. A this is the land of my birth the point jumped out at me.

Sai Dictum - Point 15

Point 15 in the very same document shows that “100%” of the land of Africa will survive.

Thus in the same document we see South Africa totally disappearing and also totally surviving.

Another interesting point to note is in the end of Point 14. The came is that the land of Pakistan shrinks by 50% yet the sea survives by 100%. ??

It is very clear that this person was not using their God given Brain. The was no concept or understanding of the facts being presented. 


Sai Dictum - Point 15 - corrected

Points 15 hand corrected after the discrepancy was pointed out. This scan is taken form another “new” updated copy that was handed to me the next day after evening darshan.

Swami does not make mistakes.

Swami does not change His mind every few minutes or every few days. 

Swami tells us that His will is like iron. It will never bend. In one of his discourses He gave the secret of how to get Him to change His iron will.

A blog entry will be posted in a few weeks time will share this secret with you. Look out for it.



The curator of Swami’s museums stated that a copy of this map had never hung in any of the Sai museums as widely claimed and proclaimed. The curator went on record stating that he had never seen the map before.




GORDON-MICHAEL SCALLION – Futurist and earth sensitive



(The copyright owner of this map is Gordon_Michael Scallion and the Matrix Institute.)

There are hundreds of versions of future maps existing around the world. They cannot all be right! So it is a waste of time to spending effort in this area. Swami’s love and compassion have changed everything anyway.

My interest in this area was to track peoples awareness and concern of the issue and to see how they were approaching the global warming crises. Also, what advocacy they were involved in and what impact it was having.

The out comes that lay ahead are totally dependent on the alignment of our thoughts, words and deeds in relation to God and His creation. Actions like prayer, gratitude, selfless service, releasing and Constant Integrated Awareness (CIA) are playing aver big part in shaping the future we are giving our children and their children in turn.

The most import is – constant remembrance of God’s name with Love.


Sai Dictum - Nepal 50 percent

Over 90% of the state of Nepal is over 1500 meters above sea level. For enough water to exist to cover 50% of Nepal it would require the Ganga stream, that come down from the heavenly zone, to add way in excess of 100 times more water to the oceans of the world.


These words were published by Sai Baba himself on the 14th of Jan 1984.


World problems are now assuming stranger forms and larger proportions. They are no longer individual or local. They are global, affecting all mankind. On one side, science and technology are advancing with cosmic developments. Through plastics, electronics and computer technologies, the wonder has reached even greater heights. On the other side, mankind is afflicted with recurring political and economic crises, national, provincial, religious, racial and caste rivalries, narrow loyalties and outbursts of disturbance in student campuses. These have spread indiscipline and licentiousness all over the world.

This is an unbalanced and mutually contradictory situation. What really is the cause for this? Does it lie in the lightening decline that religion and morals have sustained in the human mind? Mankind has within its reach many means and methods through which it can earn wisdom and peace! It can secure invaluable guidance from the Vedas and the Sastras, the Brahma Sutra, the Bible, the Quoran, the Zend Avesta, the Granth Saheb and other holy texts whose number exceeds a thousand. There is no dearth in this land (Bharath) of heads of monasteries and religious orders, exponents of spiritual doctrines and disciplines, scholars and venerable elders. They too are propagating and publishing on a massive scale. Nevertheless, man’s mind is degenerating in the ethical, spiritual and religious fields of life, continuously and with great speed. What is the reason for this downfall?

Men have now become more vicious than ever. They utilise, much more than in past ages, their intelligence and skill to indulge in cruelty. Men relish and revel in inflicting pain on others so much that, as history reveals, 15,000 wars have been waged during the last 5,500 years. There are no signs yet that this horrid pastime will terminate! The impending atomic war threatens to destroy the entire human race. What exactly is the cause of all this anxiety and fear? It is clear that the beast in man is still predominant. It has not yet been overcome. Only when this is achieved can we, our country and the world, attain peace and joy.

Hatred, envy, greed, desire for pompous display and for comparison and competition with others—these evil traits have to be uprooted. These traits are vitiating not only the generality of men but even ascetics, monks, heads of religious institutions, and pundits. Among these, envy and greed have grown wild. When these masters and preceptors, who project themselves as embodiments of ideals, exhibit such low qualities, how can they set right the world? They can only intensify the pollution.

What the world needs today is neither a new order, a new education, a new system, a new society nor a new religion. The remedy lies in a mind, in a heart filled with holiness. Holiness must take root and grow in the minds and hearts of youth everywhere, of boys and girls and of children. The good and godly must endeavour to promote this task as the one great Sadhana which they have to undertake.

Success in this task can be achieved only through Brahma Vidya. But man today has deep faith only in acquisition and accumulation. He cannot give up or renounce. He has no faith in Truth. He is attracted by falsehood; he finds Truth to be an obstacle. Therefore, he is unable to realise that Death is the happy consummation of a glorious life. He dies in anxiety and misery. People are pronouncing ceaselessly, parrot-like, the words, Truth, Non- violence, Righteousness and Love. They proclaim that there is no religion higher than Truth. But the wonder is, the one thing man has no desire to possess is Truth!

Man yearns to know all things; but he does not yearn to know the Truth. Above all, he does not evince the least desire to know the Truth of his own self. He does not turn his attention in that direction. Even if he does, it is only to justify his fears and prejudices. Therefore, the primary task of man is to discard his weakness and tendency to hurt.

That which is not found at the beginning or at the end, but is manifest only in the interval, the middle period, cannot be really Real. It is mithya, not Sathya. The Cosmos did not exist before it emerged, nor can it exist after it is submerged, that is to say, after Pralaya (involution, the great dissolution). What is evident in between can only be apparent Truth, temporary and limited Truth. It cannot be the unchanging Truth.

Man has to explore along these lines the value and validity of every object in the universe. The body, for example, was not there before birth; and it is not here after death. Like a pot made of clay, it exists as pot with that form and name for some time and later resumes its clay nature. The “pot” is but clay, with a form and a name added to it by artificial means. Whatever the objects, everything in the Universe is inexorably subject to the impact of Time and it has to face death and destruction. The tree and the soil, the house and the body, the King and the Kingdom— each has to suffer the same consummation. Man ignores the means of becoming aware of the Immortal in him. He is enamoured of the knowledge that is concerned with the phenomenal world. Those who yield to this facile temptation are like the ones who desert the garden of Heaven and rush into the jungle of poisonous vegetation. They turn away from the original, (the bimba), the Atma. They are fascinated by the image, (the prathibimba), the visible, the observable phenomena (the drsya). By this attitude, they are only proclaiming themselves as ignoramuses not as knowers or seekers of Truth.

Man should know that not even an iota of genuine happiness is derivable from the “three worlds,” the three “divisions of time” and the “three levels of consciousness in daily life” (wakefulness, dream, sleep). Only the foolish among men seek to satisfy themselves from the limited counterfeit happiness through worldly activities. The wise know better. Those who bypass the luscious bunches of sweet grapes and run towards bushes of thorns are “camels.” They cannot be classified under other species.

Mountain peaks are charming from a distance; when approached, they confront us with terror-striking jungles. So too, the world (Samsara) appears charming, when men have not delved into its meaning and value. When discrimination is employed to explore its value, the truth is revealed that the family jungle or the world jungle cannot give genuine happiness. Only the Atma can give that blessing. Can the lake, which strikes us as invitingly charming so long as the mirage is on, quench one’s thirst? If one deludes himself with the belief that it can and runs towards the non-existent sheet of water, he can only get more thirsty. No other benefit can accrue to him.

Therefore, one should learn Atma Vidya, the process by which one becomes aware of one’s Atmic Reality. By learning it and living it, one can quench his own thirst and help to quench the thirst of all mankind.

Vidya Vahini – Chapter 10 – pages 55 – 60

(published 14 Jan 1984)


Embodiments of Divine Love! Today’s man has learnt to fly in the air like birds, and swim in the sea like fish. But he has not learnt how to live as man on the earth. Science can teach man such things as flying in the air and swimming in the sea. However, it is only religion but not science, that can teach him how to live as man on the earth. So if science were to foster the all-round development of man, it has to seek the aid of religion. Religion does not mean blind adherence to some beliefs. On the other hand, religion helps man to attain the goal of human life based on discrimination and sacred values.

Scientists upset the balance in Nature

We are prone to take the creation for granted, thinking that it is but insentient Nature, thereby ignoring the Sentient Principle that regulates nature and imparts a proper balance among its various constituents. Scientists and technologists, in pursuit of selfish interests as well as of name and fame, utterly disregard the security and welfare of the society and the nation, by upsetting the balance in Nature, which results in various accidents, calamities, losses and misery to the public at large. For example, the oceans contain air needed by the earth for more than ten years. One lightning in the sky emits enough electricity required for the entire world for twenty years.

By building gigantic dams and storing huge quantities of water in one place, the earth goes down in that area and consequently goes up in another area, like a see-saw. The indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources by the scientists and technologists such as various types of mines for extracting minerals, mica, coal, petrol and other oils results in imbalance and pollution of the five major elements, leading to catastrophes like earthquakes, and volcanoes, etc.

The rapid and excessive proliferation of industries, factories, automobiles, etc., with the attendant pollution of the atmosphere is responsible for the increasing incidence of diseases like eosinophilia, asthma, deafness, pneumonia and typhoid, etc. However, science per se is not bad; what is necessary is for man to put it to proper and judicious use.

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS Vol 25 – first paragraph chapter 17

(page 91 – digital off-set page # in PDF version)

God can do anything and everything. He can transform earth into sky and sky into earth. But man lacks devotion and faith in God. He has faith in worldly matters, not in spirituality. There is nothing superior to bhakti (devotion). In the word bhakti, the letter bha stands for lustre and luminosity, and kti denotes that which attracts. From bhakti, you get shakti (power) for the body, mind, and spirit. Through this bhakti and shakti, you get immersed in rakti (attachment) toward God and develop virakti (detachment) from the world. Then God confers on you bhukti (food) and also mukti (liberation). Thus, man has to travel from bhakti to mukti.

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS Vol 32, Part 2 – page 142



From the Chapter – If All Is God, Who Does Evil?

Even though we work our way through the puzzle as to how evil actions may come about, although all is God, and even though we understand that effects are brought about by causes, yet our understanding may be shaken by the impact of large-scale suffer­ings, such as genocides and famines which cannot be alleviated promptly because political considerations dictate to the contrary. Here, we feel, suffering is so vast in its extent and depth that surely God’s love for His human family will move Him to intervene. To secure an answer here, it would be best to question Baba directly, and this was done by Sri R. J. Karanjia, the senior editor of Blitz Publications, Bombay. Sri Karanjia asks the questions and Baba answers:

Q: The critics of Swamiji ask why Sai Baba does not help people in distress by bringing rains in times of drought or creating food where there is famine by means of his Sankalpa Shakti. Cannot an Avathar help humanity to control the natural forces and prevent ca­lamities like earthquakes, floods, droughts, famine, and epidemics?
BABA: This is precisely what I am doing by incar­nating the indwelling God in man to overcome such calamities. There are two ways in which an Avathar can help people: an instant solution as against a long-term one.
Any instant solution would go against the funda­mental quality of nature itself as well as the Karmic law of cause and effect. Most people live in the material world of their desires and egos which is governed by this law. They reap the fruits of their actions. This brings about their evolution or devolution. If the Avathar intervenes to instantly solve their problems, it would stop all action, development, even evolution. This solu­tion can be ruled out because it totally negates the natural laws.
The other and more effective alternative presents a long-term solution whereby the Avathar leads the people themselves to a higher level of consciousness to enable them to understand the truth of spiritual laws so that they may turn towards righteousness and steadfastly work for better conditions. This will relate them back to Nature and the Karmic law of causation. They would then transcend the cycle of cause and effect, in which to­day they are involved as victims, and thereby command and control the natural forces to be able to avert the calamities you mention.

Q: You mean that you are presently raising the consciousness of mankind to a Godlike condition to enable them to command their own destiny?
BABA: Exactly. They would become shareholders of my Sankalpa Shakti (divine power, universal energy). I have to work through them, rouse the indwelling God in them, and evolve them to a higher Reality in order to enable them to master the natural laws and forces. If I cure everything instantly leaving the people at their pres­ent level of consciousness, they would soon mess up things and be at one another’s throats again, with the result that the same chaotic situation would develop in the world.
Suffering and misery are the inescapable acts of the Cosmic drama. God does not decree these calamities, but man invites them by way of retribution for his own evil deeds. This is corrective punishment which induces mankind to give up the wrong path and return to the right path so that he may experience the Godlike condi­tion of Sat-Chit-Ananda – that is, an existence of Wisdom and Bliss. All this is part of the grand synthesis in which the negatives serve to glorify the positives. Thus death glorifies immortality, ignorance glorifies wisdom, misery glorifies bliss, night glorifies dawn.
So, finally, if the Avathar brings the calamities mentioned by you to an immediate end, which I can, and do, when there is a great need, the whole drama of creation with its Karmic (universal inescapable duty) law will collapse. Remember these calamities occur not because of what God has made of man but really because
of what man has made of man. Therefore, man has to be unmade and remade with his ego destroyed and replaced by a transcendent consciousness, so that he may rise above the Karmic to command.

Q: So your objective can be summed up as a brotherhood of humanity to be achieved through the doctrine of love?
BABA: Yes, what else can save the world from thermonuclear fires? Everything points to the terror of that conflagration coming; and my mission is to pre-empt the fires by re-establishing Dharma and the spiritual law of one God, one Religion, one Language embracing one Humanity.
I preach only one religion of love for all, which alone can integrate the human race into a brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God. I know only one lan­guage – of the heart – beyond the mind or intellect relating man to man and mankind to God, thereby creat­ing mutual understanding, cooperation, and community life in peace and harmony. On this basis I want to build one humanity without any religious, caste, or other bar­riers in a universal empire of love which could enable my devotees to feel the whole world as their own family.

Q: Well said, Baba – but wouldn’t this dharma with its Hindu orientation conflict with the established religions?
BABA: No, it will not do anything of the kind because my objective is the establishment of Sanathana Dharma which believes in one God as propitiated by the founders of all religions. So none has to give up his religion or deity, but through them worship the one God in all. I have come not to disturb or destroy but to con­firm and vindicate everyone in his own faith.

Q: But how will that prevent a nuclear holocaust? 
BABA:     By removing all causes, sources
barriers,and provocations of class, caste, creed, colour: and race, and replacing the existing hate and violence w~th love and nonviolence. I expect to provide humanity With an evangel of peaceful cooperation to replace the present escalation to death by co-destruction.
R. K. Karanjia: Thank you, Swamiji. I am all the more grateful to You because I really did not expect You to answer the whole long list of my questions.

In the course of his discussion with Sri Karanjia, Baba in­formed us that although His hand may not be visible, the Divine does intervene at certain times in the affairs of men and, further, the Divine also intervenes before the event to keep mankind from totally destroying man and other life forms as well. Baba further pointed out that if the Divine were to bring all suffering and ine­quality to an immediate halt, the same conditions would quickly arise again, and that a permanent change can take place only when mankind raises its consciousness to a higher level than is now the case ..

The child has its tongue and the mother has hers. The mother keeps the child on her lap and pronounces the words so that the ~hild may learn to speak. However busy the mother’s tongue may be, the child has to speak through its own tongue. The mother cannot speak for the child and save herself all the bother! The Guru, too, is like that. He can only repeat, remind, inspire, instruct, persuade, plead; the activity, the disciple must himself initiate. He must jump over the stile himself. No one can hoist him over it!
– Sathya Sai Baba

My Baba and I by Dr. John S. Hislop – pages 95 – 98.

(Editor’s note: The quoted section used by Hislop in his book comes out of R. K. Raranjia’s book God Lives In India. This is an excellent book to read as it gives a first hand account of a very sharp minded atheist and totally committed communist when he confronts God – fact-to-face – and has all his very brilliant questions answered.

Karanjia’s heart and mind were conquered by God’s Love, Supreme Wisdom and Divine Logic in the space of an half an hour. He then publishes in the Blitz news paper that God is alive and that he lives In India. He declares to his millions of dedicated readers – many, many who are anti-god, anti-religion and propounders of historical dialectic materialism (that God does not exist – only matter exists) that God Lives in India and that he can be found at Puttaparthi.

If any body was given the task of asking Swami about Global Warning, the future of the Earth and all it’s inhabitants, the final years of the current incarnation and gaining insights into the Prema Sai mission, I’d give the job to Karanjia. – Ed).

EXHIBIT # 12  -  (EXHIBIT # 3 continued)

Prayer is of supreme importance

Remember that there is nothing in this world as powerful as the Lord’s name to protect it. It is not arms and bombs that will save the world. Only God’s grace should protect the world. It is man’s foremost duty to pray for God’s grace. Prayer is of supreme importance.

Together with melody and rhythm, you have to impart feeling to your singing to make the bhajan a sacred offering to the Divine. A ragam (tune) without bhaavam (feeling) is a rogam (an infliction). Giving up conceit and exhibitionism, you must sing the bhajans in a spirit of humility and devotion. That is the right way to perform bhajans. Thyagaraja in one of his songs adjured the mind to chant Rama’s name with full awareness of the power of the name. In daily life also awareness is needed at every step and in every prayer When all the participants in a bhajan sing in unison, what sacred vibrations are produced and what Divine energies are released! When these vibrations fill the world, what changes cannot they bring about! When one sings alone, the heart is merged in the song. But when many sing together, it acquires a Divine power. That was the reason why Guru Nanak commended community singing.

Discourse at the end of the Sivarathri bhajans on the morning of 13-2-1991 in the vast

Poornachandra Auditorium.

Sathya Sai Speak Vol 24 – Chapter 4 – digital offset page #’s 19 – 20 in PDF version




The copyright of all the material quoted in the Evidence Section is retained by:

Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam PO, 515 134, Anantapur (A.P.) India

The copyright owner of the Exhibit 7 map is Gordon-Michael Scallion and the Matrix Institute



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